The Big Smoke Islay Malt Scotch Whiskies

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Islay is more than just an Island!

It’s a style, a flavour, an ideal, a destination steeped in history and folklore and a
nirvana for fans of the smokier style of Scotch whisky.

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Product Description

Islay is more than just an Island!

It’s a style, a flavour, an ideal, a destination steeped in history and folklore and a
nirvana for fans of the smokier style of Scotch whisky.

The Big Smoke was created to blend malt whiskies from some of the islands most
iconic distilleries, and then bottled at a relatively young age in its most rugged
form. This whisky is reminiscent of traditional Islay malts, full of peat smoke and
coastal sweetness, powerful yet caressing, everything you would expect from a
blend that includes Caol Ila, Bruichladdich and Ardbeg.

The Big Smoke 46 (46% abv) gives a gentle introduction to the Islay style. The
bonfire and seaweed characteristics you would expect are wrapped up in layers of
sweet vanilla from the fresh American Oak.

The Big Smoke 60 (60% abv) at full strength does everything it says on the tin, and
will live up to the expectations of even the most hardcore of Islay fanatics - to be
handled with care!

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Pale Straw


Damp smoke, coastal, germolene and citrus fruits.

1 review for The Big Smoke Islay Malt Scotch Whiskies

  1. 5 out of 5


    This is a blended Islay, bottled at 120 proof, or 60% alcohol, so big flavor is what the distillers were after.

    I poured a generous dram into my Glencairn glass and began warming in my hand while taking slow full lung huffs from the container to saturate my olfactory sense and pull as many aromas out as possible.

    I observed the color to be that of a light sparkling apple juice, reminiscent of a translucent bright polished gold, appearing to have low viscosity and thin sparsely populated legs indicating body.

    On the nose, I immediately gave respect to the strong medicinal peat bomb that went off in my nose, these guys are serious. The peat gave hints of both roasted and raw damp peat, toasted grains, caramel, lightly buttered toast, phenolic, iodine opening, and very pregnant with aromatic alcohol.

    The mouth feel surprised me, I expected light and low viscosity as the nose and visual inspection suggested…NO. Big Smoke 60 is very thick and creamy, clinging to your tongue as your tongue clings to it! I noticed no numbing sensation as some of the big peat, big proof whiskys are known to employ. At least not at first, this sneak attack came in from both flanks and then the rear at about the 5th mouthful. Then the heat and numb had tongue supremacy.
    The frontal assault of the BS60 made full use of a peaty tar, black pepper freshly cracked and cooked into the whisky, licorice and a backbeat of burnt vanilla.

    After the delicious takeover of my tongue was complete, and the liquid was allowed to slither down my gullet, I noticed a long and powerful aftertaste. The liquid itself seemed to disappear as I would expect, but the floral heather seemed to remain for long time, turning into a warm memory and taking up residence in the sinuses and lingering like a welcome poltergeist.

    When taking a mouthful, let it sit, swish slowly and deliberately, allow it to light the tongue on fire and saturate all the taste buds, then pull it off the tongue with a gentle suction and smack to infuse with oxygen and awaken the slumbering flavors.

    This stuff was no joke, had strong veins of Islay peat, and only the slightest hint of smoke. This was the biggest drawback, I could have used more big smoke.

    I then added a couple of drops of water, and it changed ever so slightly. Softened, it became sweeter, more mouthwateringly delicious and delicate. The first real hint of smoke developed but remained restrained, adding only an accent. The sensation was that the water spread the flavors out in three dimensional space, all still there, but more subtle and one at a time.

    Very delicious.

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