Posted 5th Apr '22 ·

Our latest Octave Premium release is from BENRINNES in Speyside. The total number of bottles produced is 98 from cask number 9129174, and bottled at a cask strength of 54.2%.


Distillery background:

Benrinnes distillery sits in the shadow of the Ben Rinnes mountain range, which dominates the Speyside area in where it is situated. Ben Rinnes also supplies pure mountain water to the distillery. The water supply played a big factor in this location being chosen for the distillery, and in 1826 the distillery was completed and first spirit flowed through the stills. The distillery has seen two rebuilds in its lifetime after a fire in 1896, and for modernising production in 1955. Though each rebuild has modernised aspects of the distillery, the character of the whisky has stayed the same: smooth, fruity and rounded.


BEFORE Tasting Notes:

Colour: Young Sauternes.

Nose: Grassy, green tea and jasmine flowers, apple peel, vanilla sponge cake, some punchy tropical notes and a touch of Muscovado sugar.

Palate: Peppery lemon oil, pineapple jelly, cider apples, a little mineral with some camphor and candlewax.

Finish: Long and slightly off-dry, fruit cordial and preserved lemon, white pepper spice, a little chalk and the grassiness of the nose returns.


AFTER Tasting Notes:

Colour: Pale Gold.

Nose: Dry sherry, prunes, chocolate and dark roasted malt. A lovely waft of wax on antique furniture, quite fat with a touch of sweet miso.

Palate: Powerful and rich. Moist dark rye bread, tobacco, leather and cloves, some cracked black pepper and blackcurrants, thick and chewy mouthfeel.

Finish: Fruitier than on the nose and palate, sugary crystallised tropical fruits and overripe oranges. Very satisfying.


Available now. For where to buy, please enquire via the contact form.