Posted 5th Apr '22 ·

Our latest Octave Premium release is from BOWMORE on the west coast island of Islay. The total number of bottles produced is 75 from cask number 3727806, and bottled at a cask strength of 52.9%.


Distillery background:

The oldest licensed distillery on the island of Islay, founded in 1779 by farmer David Simpson, is located in the town of the same name and which sits on the shore of loch Indaal.

It is recognised by its classic whitewashed buildings and black trimmed windows; and produces its own floor malted barley, one in a handful that still do so. It draws its water from the Laggan River, which is rich in flavours from the nearby peat bogs.


BEFORE Tasting Notes:

Colour: Sunlight.

Nose: Maritime and mineral, but more on flowers and fruit than on peat and smoke, apple juice and geraniums with touches of new leather and brine. Fragrant and elegant.

Palate: Weightier than the nose would suggest, lots of saltiness and peat smoke, dried Nori seaweed, some exotic fruits, guava and melon, vanilla cream and beach foam.

Finish: Elegant smokiness. Citrus rind, herb liqueurs, and more exotic dried fruits. A tinge of green oak leaves a slightly spicy aftertaste.


AFTER Tasting Notes:

Colour: Old Gold.

Nose: Rich and enticingly sherried, fir cones, raisins and a little soy sauce. Pipe tobacco smoke and a savoury note of smoked ham.

Palate: Pencil shavings with plenty of cinnamon and cloves, smoky raspberry jam and smoked sweet paprika, a pinch of damp earth and dark chocolate.

Finish: Long and meaty. Full of roasted nuts and a little honey mustard and sea water. The initial savoury and off dry aftertaste fades to a rich and smoky sweetness


Available now. For where to buy, please enquire via the contact form.