Modern day classics

Duncan Taylor Blends

Bring on the Blends

The Duncan Taylor Blends are masterfully created using malt and grain whiskies from over 25 distilleries from all regions of Scotland. The Master Blender expertly marries soft Speyside, powerful Islay, delicate Lowland and rich Highland whiskies to bring you a range of very enjoyable and satisfying whiskies.

Five Star

A classic blend which promises ripening strawberries, cotton candy and fudge on the nose. Soft mandarin citrus, vanilla fudge and sponge cupcakes flavours lead in to a sweet and syrupy finish.

12 Year Old

Over 80 years of whisky making experience come together in the creation of this aged blended scotch whisky. The combination of the sherry fruit and light smoky flavours are complimented by a luxurious sweetness and deep oak character.

18 Year Old

A refined blend of whiskies aged from 18 to 35 years from Scotland's most iconic distilleries. The combination of whiskies matured in sherry and bourbon casks create a gentle boldness which fades to subtle coastal notes.