A dram for all seasons

Scottish Glory

Pleasing the Crowd and the Discerning

Given that Scotland can often offer you four seasons in one day, our dram for all seasons will satisfy most tastes whatever the weather.

This popular blended scotch whisky is distilled in the heart of the highlands of Scotland and blended to a recipe handed down from generation to generation.

Scottish Glory is a quality blend with broad appeal. It can be served straight, with water, a splash of soda or with mixers and ice; a truly versatile drink bringing enjoyment to every occasion.

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Colour: Pale gold.

Nose: Peaches and cream, pear drops. With water, more floral and fruity notes emerge; mandarin, grapefruit and heather honey.

Taste: Light and refreshing with hints of cardamom and cinnamon. Soft and creamy.

Finish: Medium length. The initial sweetness mellows to a more gentle spiciness.