The biggest and the best

The Big Smoke

The Best from Islay and Beyond

Islay is more than just an Island. It’s a style, a flavour, an ideal, a destination steeped in history and folklore and a nirvana for fans of the smokier style of Scotch whisky.

The Big Smoke was created to blend malt whiskies from some of the Scotland's most iconic distilleries, and to bottle it in its most rugged form.

This whisky is reminiscent of traditional Islay malts, full of peat smoke and coastal sweetness, powerful yet caressing, everything you would expect from a blend of exceptional smoky whiskies.

To get the best result, we'll perhaps add something from beyond Islay but still full of smoky character to achieve a Big Smoke.

The Big Smoke 46 (46% abv) gives a gentle introduction to the smoky style. The bonfire and seaweed characteristics you would expect are wrapped up in layers of sweet vanilla from fresh American Oak.

The Big Smoke 60 (60% abv) at full strength does “everything it says on the tin,” and will live up to the expectations of even the most hardcore Islay fanatics.